Wednesday, May 1, 2013


  • 23 lbs
  • 18 month clothes
  • It seems like she's changed so much in the past week! 
  • She's known the sign for "all done" for awhile now and it's nice that she can tell me that she's done eating.
  • Just the other day, I asked her if she wanted more. She looked down at her little hands, put her fingers together and signed "more"!! (she hasn't done it again since then)
  • She's really taken to Ava's baby doll. She hugs her tight and pats her on the back. Last night she slept with a baby. It was so cute to see her snuggled up with it tucked tightly under her arm. 
  • She's working on a bunch of teeth. She has 8 so far and she'll soon have two more on both top and bottom. 
  • I showed her how to use her little lion push cart and within a day she was tentatively standing to push it. She grins and laughs as she pushes it all over the house.
  • She gave me a real kiss complete with a lip smack :)
  • She still loves to play with toilet paper and dog food rather than her toys. 
  • It's so cute when she holds things up to her ear and says "ah!" for "hi" :) 
  • Nights are better. She usually wakes sometime early in the morning but after a feeding she goes back to sleep and sleeps till about 7 am.
  • Sits forward facing in the car in a big girl car seat.
  • I love the little cowlick at the nape of her neck that pushes all of her hair to the left. :)
  • She climbed up on the couch all by herself!!!
  • Even though she doesn't get the sounds right, she likes to copy the tone of sissy's voice. 
  • Thinks is great fun to throw her own diaper away! I carry her and she carries the diaper and drops it into the garbage. :)
  • Loves Mommy and Daddy's juice - even the green ones. :)
  • Weaning this little one is going to be tough. I just know it.

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  1. Jaina Mae is getting so big! I love her beautiful blue eyes! Looking forward to when we can see ya'll again! ;)