Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ava took her first shower the other day...I've created a shower monster. She loves them! 
(While she was in the shower...)
"Mom, when I get big and I'm a mom, can I do everything that you do?"
"What does sure mean?"
"Yay!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait!! (pause) haha, well, maybe not really. haha"

"Mom, do you have confident?"
"Yeah...what's confident?"
"Confident is when you believe in yourself!!"
How can words capture one's personality? I do better with pictures. :) Jaina is tough, curious and wants everything she can't have. She amazes me and frustrates me at the same time.

I made a smoothie with coconut water, celery, spinach, apple, lime and coconut oil. The texture was weird and it tasted way too healthy... She loved it! 
She sat on the counter and watched me put the roast in the crock pot this morning and started digging around in the garlic. She managed to peel a clove and started eating it raw. She said yes when I asked her if it was yummy. Who is this girl?!?

Monday, February 3, 2014


It sure seems like we've been crazy busy lately....I just don't know why. :) 
I had an ultrasound the other day (at 32 weeks) to check in on the little guy. All is well so far...4 lbs 3 oz and lots of brains. :) Oh, and he's still a boy. :) 
 32 Weeks
A couple of weeks ago, we bought a doll house kit for the girls. It was a ton of work...Full days of just working on the doll house led to a trashed house and out-of-control children but it was worth it. :) I love the way it turned out and the girls love it too....Jaina likes to climb on it. Now I just need to find some decent furniture.
Donald finally got the Fun Cub that I bought him for his birthday last year all put together. We took it out to the school for it's maiden flight and he said the plane "felt like an old friend." :)
We bought a Little Chief Smoker and Donald has been smoking catfish...It's actually really good!
We've been enjoying the winter and cooler weather....Looking forward to the end of March when we can meet our new little guy. 


I just put away most of your 2T clothes and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. All of Ava's old 3T clothes now fill your spot in the closet...it's hard to believe you're that big already, especially when you're not even 2 years old yet!!

Your favorite things to do now are to play in your kitchen and push your stroller around outside. The other day I saw you "washing" your hands in your little sink...off in your own little world. The only problem is that you want real food to "cook" with. How many times have we found crackers, cheese, cutie pieces and apple chunks in your little oven? 

You've figured out that you can reach pretty much anything on the counter if you just push your little chair into the kitchen....this is a problem. You know exactly what you want and if you don't get it, you throw a huge fit.

Your most common communication is, 
"What Jaina?"
"Ummm dis!" (pointing at whatever is it you want)
(You also have a lisp when you say something with an "s")

Last night I got you to say apple, bus, bath and cup! You are so stubborn when it comes to talking!!!!

You love to have your back rubbed...you run to the drawer where the oils are kept and then you run to the couch and lay on your tummy. 
You're a mischievous little thing and you test my patience continuously. 

You and sissy are doing so well sleeping together! It sure didn't take long for you to get used to your big girl bed!

Did I mention you throw huge fits? Any time you don't get your way or what you want...watch out! Those big crocodile tears get me every time!

You love to sit on the counter and watch me make stuff.

You will not smile for the camera. You refuse. It's victory if I can even get you to look at the camera.

We've noticed that your more mechanically inclined than your sister. You like to figure out how things work. How things open....I found you at Daddy's work table trying to plug in the battery for his airplane. 

We love you Miss Jaina Mae. :)


"Mom, why doesn't my shadow smile when I smile?"

"Why is there a thumping in my foot when I sit on it?"

"Why doesn't the baby drowned in your tummy with all that water in it?"

"How does the baby grow in there?"

"How can I see the same clouds in the sky when we're driving really fast?"

"Mom! Look at my uvula!"

"Why can't we see God?"

"How are we going to get up to God if we don't have angel wings?"

"What are we going to wear if we don't pack all our stuff to go up to God?"

"Do you think we can wear pink angel wings?"

"Where are we going to live in Heaven if we don't have a house?"

"I don't want to get bigger! I want to wear my baby clothes!"

"My dress is thumpy!!"

"I wear a skirt under my dress so I don't scratch my knees when I fall down."

"I can't clean anything! I'm too sweaty!"

"My legs are itchy! My hair is too tight! I have a wedgie! My sleeves are too long! My socks are thumpy!"

"Mama, I think you're the best."

She loves to dance and sing the songs that no one has heard before ~ the songs she makes up as she goes along. 

She hates to clean up her toys.

She loves life and misses her Grandmas and Grandpas.

She's a really, really good big sister even though they fight most of the time. Play time is getting much better. 

I love when she comes up with me when I put Jaina down for a nap and she stands at the door and sings her a "goodnight" song. 

Most of the time she's so, so sweet and then there are other times when she just drives me crazy! Is this normal? I sure hope so because sometimes I wonder if she'll ever learn! :)

"Dad! Open your mouth so I can see your teeth and your gumps!"
(See picture of Daddy's mouth below - teeth, lips, gumps, tongue and uvula) :)