Monday, December 31, 2012


Dennis and Jen came to visit us for Christmas! We had such a wonderful time with them. Ten days went way too fast...We were sad to see them go. 
Our favorite time together was in San Antonio...what an awesome city!
Jen made Ava an awesome "Reepunzel" hat.
We sure enjoyed our time with them and hope they come to see us again. Maybe next time we'll have hot water to take showers. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


It's been 2 years since the last time we had the evening to ourselves. Dennis and Jen were so kind to us. :) They watched Ava and Jaina while we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and went shopping. Thank you! 
We need to do this more often!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Two days after we found out that Jaina had RSV (Thursday, December 13th), she woke up with a heartbeat faster than I could count and rapid breathing. I called the doctor and got her in that morning. Long story short, they sent us to the hospital because they were were worried about her low oxygen levels. I didn't even have to fill out paperwork in admitting - "Head straight to the room. They know you're coming" they said. We got to hospital and the nurses quickly got to work hooking her up to oxygen and getting her IV in for saline and antibiotics. She had a chest x-ray done and it showed that she also had pneumonia on top of the RSV and ear infections. 

 The nurses tried three different times to get her IV in and by the time they were done, her heart rate had gone from 190 to 234 bpm. I was holding her in my arms and instead of the usual grin when we say "Jaina Mae!" there was no response. She stared at the ceiling with a glossy stare and didn't even blink. My poor baby. Her oxygen levels were between 84 and 88.
relaxing in her bed - hooked up to all her gadgets

By Saturday she was almost back to her smiley little self. Her oxygen levels were still low while she slept so they kept us another night. We got to go home Sunday. :) While we were there Dale and Patty, Brent and Mindi, Sharon and Sarah and Howard and Maryann came to visit. 

love my baby

Topper the Giraffe

4 am

At home, she was on antibiotics and nebulizer treatment for a week.

Friday, December 21, 2012


"Mom, Jen's name is JenAvengamin so we should call her JenAvenjamin."

"Mom, you're a good-"
"Mom, does Daddy call you a woman?"
"Yeah I think so.."
"Why? Why does he call you a woman?"

I was holding a butter knife waiting for her toast.
"Mom! Be careful! That's really cutty! It will cut you!"

"Ya know, God....He makes the weather so cold!"

"Mom, can you freeze this in the microwave?"

"You know God? He likes to give presidents to Jesus"

"What? You're just learning reality but your reality is still not a lot of learning" 
(singing) "Reality, reality, reality."

"How did you make that? It's so beeauuutiful!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Jaina has had a cough now for about a month. The past four days, it's gotten worse...a wet, nasty cough with lot's of congestion and a slowly rising fever. I took her to the Dr. today and they swabbed her nose and listened to her chest. The news is that she has RSV but her chest is clear. There's nothing they can do for it so it's lot's of rest and fluids for the little miss. It could get worse before it gets better and it will probably last for at least two weeks..maybe a month. So, we propped up her bed, plugged in the humidifier and slathered her with essential oils. Hopefully she'll get some rest tonight. 

Ava has been in top form lately:

"Daddy, can we go out and frake?" (she means rake)

"Mom, when I'm hungry that means I'm hungry and when I say hungry, that's what it is so...."

She's decided that she only looks nice if she wears all the same color and it must be pink. This morning she said, with tears streaming down her cheeks after I told her she needed to wear a different skirt, "But Mom! I just need more pink!!!"

We've been giving her chores like changing out the garbage and putting away the silverware. 

I've been in a funk lately. I don't know what it is but I've been crabby! Really need to turn this train around. :) 

Donald. is. still. working. I appreciate what he does for our little family. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012


  • 17 lbs (80%)
  • 27 inches (90%)
  • head: 17.5 cm (92%)
  • two bottom teeth have poked through.
  • says "bah bah bah bah"
  • pulls up onto her hands and knees.
  • pulls herself by her arms and scoots everywhere!
  • loves laptop cords. 
  • wakes up a couple times at night.
  • sits up by herself.
  • her scream is still unbearable. :)
  • I want to remember the dimples on her knuckles, the smell of her feet, the feel of her skin when I kiss the palm of her little hand, her tight grip around my finger, the way she reaches up to touch my face...