Monday, September 12, 2016


Oscar fell off the couch. Just hugging a pillow, he rolled and flipped. He landed on his head and shoulder. When he didn't stop crying, I knew something was wrong. I called the chiro right away and they were able to see him as soon as I could get there. Before his adjustment, he couldn't turn his head. After his adjustment, he was feeling much better. I thought we were in the clear. 
As the day went on and I could tell he was favoring his right arm (as in not using it at all) I knew in my gut that something more serious was going on. 
I brought him to the Dr. the next day and he had x-rays taken. Sure enough. He had a non displaced fracture on his right clavicle. 
A few days later, he got a brace for his shoulders (I'm still not sure what good it did or what it's purpose was). 
After two weeks he was back to normal. Now you can hardly tell it was fractured except for the bump on the bone and a little bit of wincing when you change his shirt. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Ack! Summer is over! It was a whirlwind three months....
Now that kids are back in school it seems like a good time to get caught up. I'm continuously torn between keeping up this space and deleting it altogether. I think that if I could find a good way to easily convert everything I've written into book form, I would do it and shut down the blog. My favorite form of documentation is photography but Google Photos has me all in a tizzy and full of frustration so I haven't been able to keep that up either. Another thing....I want to make photo books. Go back to old school and sit on the couch and look at a photo album. Sounds dreamy huh?

Oscar talks. Like really talks. I never thought the day would come.
It's funny though that his favorite way to communicate is to roar. It seems to be the language of boys because I've been witness to whole conversations between boys that consisted only of roaring. He love his legos and riding bike. The real struggle with him this summer has been sleeping. He slept with us for two weeks in Oregon. Shortly after returning home, we had a serious storm come through and scared him to his bones which led to him sleeping in our room again. Several other things throughout the summer and just being scared and a momma's boy in general has kept him from sleeping in his room all night long. It's frustrating but I just keep telling myself it's a faze and soon he'll no longer need me like he does now. I've been trying to record his voice now and again so that I can look back and remember his sweet little voice.

Jaina is feisty. She was going to make a sandwich and all that was left was the end of the loaf. "Mom! All that's left is the fat!!"
She put her hoodie on and said, "Mom, can you zip this and put the roof on?"
She went over to where Donald was changing Oscars dirty diaper and was feeling seriously left out when she asked him, "Dad, did he get to have chocolate?!"
Ava asked if there were sharks in a lake we were at. Jaina said, "No because it's not salt water, silly!!"
She's grown almost 2 inches since June which would explain her hearty appetite!!
Oh, and don't let her see you kill a fly. Flies are her friends.

Ava is growing up. She loves to ride her bike and take pictures with her camera. She's also turned into a little bookworm and reads chapter books late into the night.