Tuesday, September 17, 2013


"Five green and speckled frogs, sat on a speck-  Oh, I didn't get the right tempo. I, um, didn't get the right beat."

When we were in Oregon, Ava went outside with Lyle to get something from the truck. It was dark and Ava said, "Ooh, it's so ominous!" 

"Mom! I see a chrysalis in that tree!!"

"Mom, what's an arachnid?"

"Are we on planet Earth?"
"Oh, I wish we were on Jupiter...or Mars."

This morning, when Tap came in from going potty, Jaina said, "Boo Boy!!" (Good Boy) in the same exact tone that we say it when he comes in. It was so cute! 
Sometimes she says thing so clearly that it surprises me.

Monday, September 9, 2013


I couldn't ask for a better man. He's the perfect one for me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


25 lbs (80%)
32.25 inches (95%)
Head: 19 (95%)
Size 5 diapers
2T clothes
Size 6 going on 7 shoe
This girl is growing up so fast. 
She's been saying a few words...Tap, dog, car, NO!, Dada, Mama, Sissy, wow, yes...once in awhile, she'll say a totally random word once and not say it again...
She LOVES fruits and veggies. Give her an apple to munch and she'll walk around for an hour and eat the whole thing. Not so much a fan of meat and cheese though. Overall she's an amazing eater.
If she can't feed herself, she probably won't eat it. Little miss independent! 
She's stubborn. Call her name and she'll probably ignore you. 
She loves to tease and her sense of humor is hilarious. 
She wants anything that her sister has and she wants to do anything that she does. 
She's a "master car seat unbuckler."
She sleeps all night and takes two naps a day.
This girl will keep you on your toes but she's oh so fun. :)
Loves airplanes, doggies, kitties, animal books, babies and food.
She likes to sing the car song and the raindrop and gumdrop song.

A TRIP WEST {2013}

I don't even know where to begin. We were gone for a month. We left on August 12th and flew to Bozeman, MT to see my sister and her family. The kids got to spend some quality cousin time and loved every minute they had to run in the snake and ant-free yard. 
Our next stop was Portland, OR. We flew in on August 21st and went straight to Boring Convention. How wonderful to be there. The Wilson's were generous enough to let us stay at their place.
That Sunday, I turned 30. Being at convention made it easy. :) It was so nice to be with all of our friends.

Sunday night, we drove to Tillamook to be with Rob and Laura Mae for a few days. We discovered the coffee shop in Oceanside so Donald actually suggested we go the beach two days in a row!!! The girls loved playing in the sand.
On the 29th we headed back to the valley to stay with Dennis and Jen in Newberg. We drove by our old house...drank coffee at the old hangout in McMinnville....shopped the farmers market....and bought fabric at the best quilt shop in town. We went twice to the air museum....Sunday was spent at Boring 2. It was a fabulous long weekend. 
Tuesday morning, we headed to Amity to see Auntie Doris. We had lunch there and then headed north through Yamhill to see my lavender lady. That night we spent the night at Dave and Cheryls...it was so good to spend some time with them!

Wednesday, we drove back to the coast to spend a couple more days with Grandma and Grandpa....

Friday, we went back to Newberg....celebrated Dennis' birthday...
Early Saturday morning, we drove to the airport and flew back to Texas with Uncle Lyle in tow.

It was an amazing month. We loved every day of it....