Saturday, October 6, 2012


I absolutely love Ava's new boots...not only do the protect her from snakes a little bit better than her sandals, they are so adorable and they fit her perfectly. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012


  • 16.9 lbs (95%)
  • 25 3/4 inches (95%)
  • head size: 16 3/4 cm (90%)
  • Size 3 diapers and gradually growing into 9 month clothes.
  • Sleeps at least 6 hours straight at night.
  • Learned a new trick! let's see how far I can stick out this tongue!
  • Loves to blow bubbles and soaks her shirt in the process!
  • Good at grabbing and chewing. Her hands taste the best. :)
  • Rolled from her tummy to her back at 3 1/2 months! (9/17/12) Now she rolls all over the place but mostly just from her back to her tummy.
  • Likes to stand up.
  • Ate her first solid food on her 4 month birthday (we're probably breaking some kind of baby rule) She's eaten rice cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, peaches (sour face!) and prunes. She eats like and champ and hardly makes a mess!
  • Has the cutest little flirty grin and loves to laugh!
  • Happy and content. (most of the time) 
  • She's been spitting up - a lot.
  • Recognizes her name.
  • Found her toes!!
  • (thank you, hormones, for making my hair fall out by the handful....I should be completely bald by the end of the month if it keeps going at this rate!)