Sunday, April 20, 2014


Ava and Jaina both had a blast with Grandma Lund when she came to stay with us when Oscar was born. They took lots of walks, went to the beach, played outside, went to the park, made muffins and cookies....I'm thankful for the memories they made with her. It's hard to be away from grandparents so I'm glad for the times they have together. 

In the past few weeks, Jaina has started talking in two and three word phrases. My favorite is when it's time for bed and the whole way up the stairs she's saying, "cared rawr" and pretending to be scared. (She's scared of the bear.) :) Then she picks up a Berenstain Bear book and reads it to herself. "Papa Rawr" 
She'll say things like "Baby eat too?" "Dad work too?"
She'll give an attempt at almost any word. :) 
She loves her little brother but she's still adjusting to the fact that she's given up her spot on Mama's lap. 
She's also taken to singing with her sister. :)
She needs to have at least two books and all of her animals and babies in her bed when she goes to sleep....I don't know how she has any room to lay down!!!
Funny thing that Ava said....
"Oooo! That gives me the shiver creeps!" 
When she tells a story, the whole thing goes like this:
"And then I was like...and then she was like...and then I was like.."
(She sounds like a teenager)

We're so excited for Grandpa Waldo to come and see us! Four more days!


It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since we sold our little house in Yamhill and moved to Texas.

Two years, two babies, two moves, one snakebite, one trip to Scotland, lots of new experiences and more than a few adjustments later....I think I can say that we're settling in. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014


  • 10 lbs 10 oz
  • 21 1/2 inches (I think they measured wrong at the hospital)
  • Head: 14 1/2
  • Size 1 diaper
  • 3 month clothes

 Oscar loves to be held. He sleeps all day and some of the night. The first half of the night is usually great but after 2 or 3 am it's up every hour. I think he looks the most like Ava did when she was a baby. The girls are adjusting...Jaina isn't sure she likes not having first dibs on mommy's lap. 


After weeks of waiting, wondering if "today would be the day", countless walks and sleepless nights, it came the time to be induced. My first due date was March 27th. My ultrasound due date was April 1st. 
Mom flew in on April 3rd thinking that for sure we would have a baby within the week. Toward the end of her stay we knew that probably wasn't going to happen so we got her a one way ticket home for the 14th. (I'm so glad she didn't leave on the 10th!!!)
We woke up at 4 am on Friday, April 11th. Out the door by 4:30... the rest of the house was still asleep. I was nervous. Two weeks overdue and this was the day we had been waiting for. I had no idea what to expect. We got to the hospital just after 5 am and checked in. 
6:30 am: IV was in and pitocin was started.
9 am: Dr. came to check on us and broke my water. Between 2 and 3 cm. 60% effaced.
It was a long 4 hours before the nurse check again.
1 pm: only at 4 cm!
1:30 pm: I hit the wall. The contractions were much different than when I went into labor naturally with the girls. Way more intense. I told Donald to go out and get the nurse to talk about an epidural. He turned green. The nurse came in and we talked...Donald came back in looking sick and I knew he wouldn't make it if he stayed so I sent him for Mom who was at home with the girls.
2:30 pm: The epidural was in and taking effect. Can't say how I feel about the whole lower half of my body going numb...I can tell you though how I reacted. My blood pressure dropped, almost passed out and then got sick. Yuck. On the upside, once it was fully in effect, I couldn't feel a thing. Couldn't even move my legs. Strange. 
Mom showed up soon after that and we chatted...I slept...
4 pm: 7 cm! I couldn't believe it!
6:15 pm: Complete and ready to have a baby! She called the doctor and then we waited.
7 pm: Dr. showed up and everyone got ready. 6 pushes (give or take 1 or 2) and Oscar Dean was born at 7:13 pm. 

  • 11 lbs 3 oz
  • 22 inches long
  • Head: 14 1/4
  • hospital shirt: too small
  • Newborn diapers: too small

Nickname from the nurses: "Toddler Baby" :)
Although I was a little bit sad that Donald wasn't there with me, it was extra special to have Mom. I'm glad she was able to be there with me. Donald and the girls came to the hospital sometime after 8 pm to meet our "little" Oscar.
That night I was able to get a couple of hours of sleep when the nurse took Oscar to the nursery. 
On Saturday, Mom, Donald and the girls came to visit again....caught a couple of hours of sleep...more visitors that evening. It was a pretty good day. :) 
Saturday night was awesome. My nurse was awesome. She told me that the nursery was closed that night but she said she would take Oscar for 3 hours. I fed him and fell asleep. She brought him back after 3 hours...I fed him again...she whisked him away for another 3 hours. She brought him back at 6 am. Amazing. 
Sunday morning was quiet...
Donald came after lunch and we checked out that afternoon. 
Even though I was so set against being induced and even more against getting an epidural, I have no regrets. Oscar's arrival couldn't have been more perfect. I'm so happy that he's a big, healthy boy. He is named after my Grandpa Oscar and Donald's Grandpa Dean.
I am content. Our family is complete. 
Thank you, Grandma. :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This girl loves her Daddy.
She asks for him all day. "Daddy home? Car? Work?"
At nap time the other day, she cried for Daddy for almost an hour. 
She asks for Daddy every night when I put her to bed. She won't sleep until he comes to say goodnight. 
She loves to go for walks and fly airplanes with him. 
There's something very special about a Daddy's Girl. :)

Side note: She can repeat almost all the letters of the alphabet. (One at a time of course.) W is a tough one. :)