Saturday, November 26, 2011


12 weeks...12 weeks is a turning point....a time when moms to be breathe a little sigh of relief. The end of March 2011, I was 12 weeks pregnant...or so we thought. Not an easy thing to take....we should have a 6 week old baby...

On Nov. 11, 2011, I went in for another 12 week appointment. Just a little bit nervous, Ava and I walked into the  little office. We had already seen the heartbeat in the ultrasound at 8 weeks but I was still a bit tense. The nurse used her little machine to listen for a heartbeat....after about 3 minutes of nothing, I cried. Not again. Please, not again. Another 2 minutes went by...still nothing. She told me she would order an ultrasound and walked out. I cried. We waited. Ava was so sweet and kept asking if I was sad and reached up to dry my tears. My midwife walked in...she's awesome. She asked me if she could listen and if I wanted to have another ultrasound. I told her that I only wanted one if she couldn't hear anything. She used the little machine again and tried to hear that little heartbeat. A couple of minutes went by....still nothing. I cried again. Then she said, "You know what? The battery light on this thing is flashing...I'm going to get a new one...we need this thing to be full power." Then she patted my arm, told me not to "go there" yet and walked out. My heart was pounding...this was it. If we couldn't hear it with a full powered machine, then we knew. After an eternity and a half, she walked back in. She moved the wand around for less than a minute....there it was. She found it. That speedy little thump, thump, thump was music to my ears. I cried again. We just sat there for awhile and listened. It was beautiful. I think that there will still be a little be a bit of apprehension and nervousness until the baby is born....assume nothing and take nothing for granted. 
We can hardly wait for the end of May :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ava has been doing a bit of experimenting on what she calls us. From the time she could talk we have been Mommy and Daddy.  Lately, we've been hearing things like:
"Dad? What are you doing, Dad?"
"Donald! Where are you?"
"Honey? Honey!!!"
"What are you doing, Jenny?"
"Mom? Mom?"
Not sure if we should answer her...


Last week, we went to the beach in Lincoln City with Grandma and Grandpa Lund. Ava loved chasing the seagulls...

"Don't fly neagulls! Don't fly neagulls!"

Later, we asked her if she liked chasing the seagulls on the beach...

"Yeah, I like seaballs!"

...She'll get it right someday. :)


Mom: "Ava, sit down! On your bum! Right NOW!!!"
Ava: "Mom, are you mad at me?"
Mom: "No Ava, I'm not mad at you."
Ava: "Are you happy at me?"

Later that day...

Mom: "Ava, I'm sorry when I get mad at you but sometimes you're naughty... I just want you to know that I love-"
Ava: "You're youd (loud)."
Mom: "I'm loud when I get mad at you?"
Ava: "Yeah."


We had a good laugh on our way home from grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago.
Ava: "Mom, I wanna go nudie bar!"
Mom: "You want what?"
Ava: "I wanna go nudie bar!"
(Donald and I look at each other with shocked looks, wondering who in the world taught our daughter about such a thing.)
Mom: "I'm sorry Ava, what did you say?"
Ava: "I wanna go nudie bar!"
(racking my brain as to what this could really mean...and then it dawned on me)
Mom: "Oh!! You want a granola bar!!! Oh yeah! You can have one of those!!"

Seriously, the things kids say!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


"Granks!" = "Thanks!"

One of our favorites :)