Sunday, September 8, 2013


25 lbs (80%)
32.25 inches (95%)
Head: 19 (95%)
Size 5 diapers
2T clothes
Size 6 going on 7 shoe
This girl is growing up so fast. 
She's been saying a few words...Tap, dog, car, NO!, Dada, Mama, Sissy, wow, yes...once in awhile, she'll say a totally random word once and not say it again...
She LOVES fruits and veggies. Give her an apple to munch and she'll walk around for an hour and eat the whole thing. Not so much a fan of meat and cheese though. Overall she's an amazing eater.
If she can't feed herself, she probably won't eat it. Little miss independent! 
She's stubborn. Call her name and she'll probably ignore you. 
She loves to tease and her sense of humor is hilarious. 
She wants anything that her sister has and she wants to do anything that she does. 
She's a "master car seat unbuckler."
She sleeps all night and takes two naps a day.
This girl will keep you on your toes but she's oh so fun. :)
Loves airplanes, doggies, kitties, animal books, babies and food.
She likes to sing the car song and the raindrop and gumdrop song.

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