Monday, February 3, 2014


I just put away most of your 2T clothes and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. All of Ava's old 3T clothes now fill your spot in the's hard to believe you're that big already, especially when you're not even 2 years old yet!!

Your favorite things to do now are to play in your kitchen and push your stroller around outside. The other day I saw you "washing" your hands in your little in your own little world. The only problem is that you want real food to "cook" with. How many times have we found crackers, cheese, cutie pieces and apple chunks in your little oven? 

You've figured out that you can reach pretty much anything on the counter if you just push your little chair into the kitchen....this is a problem. You know exactly what you want and if you don't get it, you throw a huge fit.

Your most common communication is, 
"What Jaina?"
"Ummm dis!" (pointing at whatever is it you want)
(You also have a lisp when you say something with an "s")

Last night I got you to say apple, bus, bath and cup! You are so stubborn when it comes to talking!!!!

You love to have your back run to the drawer where the oils are kept and then you run to the couch and lay on your tummy. 
You're a mischievous little thing and you test my patience continuously. 

You and sissy are doing so well sleeping together! It sure didn't take long for you to get used to your big girl bed!

Did I mention you throw huge fits? Any time you don't get your way or what you out! Those big crocodile tears get me every time!

You love to sit on the counter and watch me make stuff.

You will not smile for the camera. You refuse. It's victory if I can even get you to look at the camera.

We've noticed that your more mechanically inclined than your sister. You like to figure out how things work. How things open....I found you at Daddy's work table trying to plug in the battery for his airplane. 

We love you Miss Jaina Mae. :)

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