Monday, February 3, 2014


It sure seems like we've been crazy busy lately....I just don't know why. :) 
I had an ultrasound the other day (at 32 weeks) to check in on the little guy. All is well so far...4 lbs 3 oz and lots of brains. :) Oh, and he's still a boy. :) 
 32 Weeks
A couple of weeks ago, we bought a doll house kit for the girls. It was a ton of work...Full days of just working on the doll house led to a trashed house and out-of-control children but it was worth it. :) I love the way it turned out and the girls love it too....Jaina likes to climb on it. Now I just need to find some decent furniture.
Donald finally got the Fun Cub that I bought him for his birthday last year all put together. We took it out to the school for it's maiden flight and he said the plane "felt like an old friend." :)
We bought a Little Chief Smoker and Donald has been smoking catfish...It's actually really good!
We've been enjoying the winter and cooler weather....Looking forward to the end of March when we can meet our new little guy. 

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