Wednesday, May 22, 2013


All of a sudden, a couple of nights ago, Ava was afraid of the dark. We were up for hours with her, trying to get her to sleep. All the lights on in the house weren't enough for her that night.
Last night I tried to help her to pray that God would help her to not be afraid.
"Ava did you know that you can pray to God for help so that you won't be afraid of the dark? Do you want me to help you?"
"Why not?"
"Because it's not easy...and I'm still little."
"Well you can just say it in your heart or in your head."
"How about in my head?"
"Ok, can I hear what you say in your head?"
"Help me to not be afraid, God. Help to know how to not be afraid." (pause) (gasp) "He said he would help me!!! Yay!!" (excited clapping) 

She slept soundly until we hauled her out of bed at midnight because of a severe storm. More on that later. 

I'm thankful for experiences like these that help me. Children can teach us so much. 

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