Friday, January 22, 2016


"Mom, I have a headegg."
"You have a what?"
"I have a headegg."
"Uhhhh, what?"
"I have a HEAD-EGG!!"
"Um, Ava, I don't think it's called a headegg. It's a headache."

Jaina and I were making brownies and Ava asked to lick the spoon.
Ava: "Mom, can I lick the spoon?"
Jaina: "No Ava, you can't lick the spoon. You'll get it (chocolate) on your glasses!"
Ava: "No I won't Jaina!"
Jaina: "Yes you will because your nose is really close to your mouth!"

Jaina: "Mom, get me some water. Lots."
Ava: "She's not your servant, Jaina."

A few recent comments from Jaina...
"This is intense!"
"Oh, I'm so exhausted!"
"Don't go all cray cray!"

Oscar said "up" ....clear as day, he said "up"
His words are in there somewhere.....

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