Monday, January 11, 2016


Last week, I was washing sheets and changing beds and Oscar was watching me make the bed in his room. I asked him if he would like to sleep in a big boy bed and he got all excited and couldn't wait to crawl in! We tucked him in at bed time and he snuggled right in with a grin on his face. Five minutes later, he was crying hysterically. I raced into his room and found him trying to move under all of his blankets. I pulled them off and covered him with just his little blanket. He went right to sleep and we haven't looked back. We took the crib down the very next day and put an ad on Craigslist. :) (On a cool side note, this is the same bed that both Grandpa Waldo and Daddy slept in when they each were little!)
The funny thing is that ever since he moved into the bed, his vocabulary doubled. So now instead of only saying one word, he says two. Haha :) But really, I'm amazed at the words I hear now. He's said car, doggy, daddy, Tap, go, me.....He also has picked up on things that animals say. He know the sounds for doggy, kitty, cow, bear, lion, pig, horse, sheep, airplane and train. 

Ava was coloring the other day and was singing a little song.... "stalagmite stalactite stalagmite stalactite....."
I asked her if she new the difference between the two and she walked over and said, "Ok Mom, this is how you tell the difference. A stalactite grows from the ceiling and has to hang on tight! A stalagmite grows from the ground."

Jaina was eating cereal for breakfast. When she was done, she asked, "Mom, can I have more, por favor?"

After surviving the first week and a half of the new year (and one week of that with the stomach flu), I'm feeling desperate to get life in order. This includes budgeting, meal planning, organizing, cleaning out, selling stuff that's been laying around for too long, planning, saving, scheduling, finishing house projects....not to mention spending more time on the most important thing in this life.
I've been thinking about two words for the new year. "Present" and "Intentional."  To simply be present. In every moment. Moments are fleeting and I want to make the most of them. And to be intentional about how I choose to spend time and money. 

Here's to a good year. :)

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