Wednesday, January 2, 2013


On the first day of the new year we went out for a little walk. It was cold so I made Ava put on a coat. I couldn't convince her to take off her flower shoes and put on her boots though. By the time we got to the golf course she had taken off her coat claiming that she was hot and didn't need it. Picture this: Long blonde hair blowing in the wind, bright pink, frilly Dora dress, hot pink flower sandals and 37 degrees. She ran for most of the way. On the way down one of the hills, we warned her to slow down so that she wouldn't fall (she almost always falls running down one of the hills). 
Mom: "Slow down Ava! You don't want to fall!"
Daddy: "Yeah Ava, you don't want to fall. That would be bad!"
Ava: "Yeah! That would be badder than a spankin!" (still running as fast as those hot pink flower shoes would carry her) :)

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