Monday, January 14, 2013


"Mom, my head is really circley (cir-cuh-lee) when you put my hair in a pony!"

Taking a walk through the neighborhood and there was someone in his yard...
"But Mom, he will see us and we're pretty womans!" 
picnic sabotage!
Boy, do we have a mischievous troublemaker on our hands! Jaina gets into EVERYTHING! She makes her favorites rounds.
First stop: Tap's dog dish.
Second stop: the bookshelf.
Third stop: the wall outlet in the hall.
Fourth stop: under the desk in Daddy's office.
(Not to mention all the other electrical cords and dangers along the way...) Her fascination right now as I type this is Daddy's wireless mouse. :)
The tough thing is that she's such a good baby in every other way! It's so hard to discipline her and make her cry...Just need to keep telling myself that it's for her own good!
She's the easiest baby to to put to bed...make sure she's fed and dry, lay her down and voila! Done. 
I think she had a growth spurt in the last 2 weeks...she's now wearing all of Ava's old 12 month clothes.   
Made some spaghetti and meatballs for lunch today and blended some of it up for Jaina. She loved it!
She's also working getting another 2 teeth on the top for a total of 6....
...and she goes from crawling to sitting!          

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