Thursday, January 26, 2012


Troy and Lyle left on Tuesday...Lyle had been here for a week and Troy for 4 days. Good times.
Donald left for Texas on Wednesday at 3 am...the house seemed really empty when I woke up that morning after having the workers and then everyone leaving! He'll be gone until next Thursday...It's gonna be a long week. Good thing I have lots of cleaning and sewing to do! 
Ava and I went to story time at the library today for the first time ever. It took her awhile to get warmed up but I think she liked it. They danced and read the end there were bubbles and hand stamps! 
Ava has been doing great with the whole potty thing (except for the poop part). I ordered a new toilet seat on Amazon and I love it! It has a kid seat built right in so you don't have to keep taking the trainer off when adults use it - and it's much more clean. She did have a little accident today...2nd one since we started. Bummer. Oh might have been a good reminder for her of what happens if she goes in her underwear! 
We were upstairs sewing and she asked me to do something. I told her "Just a minute." So she counted. "1, 2, 3!" and then said, "Don't sass me!" Hmmm...
She went to bed late tonight...we had supper at 9:30!!! Oops! We were in the kitchen waiting for the noodles to finish and she grabbed my hands and told me that I was her "Best friend ever! Best girl ever!" Oh, I love her. 

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