Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ava has been waking up earlier every morning for the past 5 days...yesterday it was 6:15. Definitely not the ideal time when I was up till 1:30 working on a project! This morning, she woke up and came down at 5:10. Ugh. She went potty, had a bowl of cereal, went back to bed and slept till 9:15!! I'm thinking that because her pull-up was dry this morning, she woke up because she had to go to the bathroom...
The washing machine died and was resurrected yesterday...the pump had been making awful noises for a week or so and finally just stopped spinning and pumping. Donald took apart the pump and found a bobby pin!!! Haha!! Now it works just fine! Yay for not having to spend $400 on a new washing machine! 
The new phrase around the house is, "Aw, but why not Mommy?" It's started...I was hoping we'd skip that whole phase. :) 
Donald felt the baby move for the first time on Monday! :)

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