Friday, January 13, 2012


We're having a girl!! Ava will have a little baby sister! She's going to name her "Black." :) I think she looks just like Ava...same Waldo nose! Everything looked perfect on the ultrasound...except for one little bright spot on her heart. The midwife says that it's nothing and I believe her...but she had to tell me. Ugh. Over half done and I've gained five pounds. Yay. 

Donald has been practicing his new clarinet and violin...Ava got a recorder at a birthday party the other day and calls it her "clari-ner-net." She sleeps with it. 
We went to the dentist on Thursday and Ava had her nap cut short because we had to leave for the appt. She screamed, cried and threw fits all the way there...for an hour! We were pulling into the parking lot and Donald sarcastically said, "Wow, she sure is happy." Ava screams from the back seat, "I'M NOT HAPPY!!" Ha. Seriously. 
Potty training is going great...she still wears a pull-up to town and a diaper to bed because she hasn't mastered the #2 part yet and I really don't want to deal with that mess. But, only one potty accident in almost 2 weeks and that was on the second day. She even asks to go potty when we're not at home and she's wearing a pull-up...when we get home, the pull-up is dry. So proud of her. 
For some reason, Ava has still been extra bratty, emotional and whiney. I hope it's just something that she needs to work out...we've started time-outs and it seems to work to get her back on track. For example...she has rice krispies for breakfast and I won't let her put her own sugar on her cereal...she has a meltdown, won't eat and won't stop crying. It's horrible. So, she gets a spanking, sits in the timeout chair and I set the timer for 3 minutes.  Usually, she's ready to say "sorry" and eat her cereal by the time the beeper goes off. Trial and error.
Ava has started taking an interest in dressing herself and picking out her own clothes. 
She's been drawing "circles"....with eyes and hair. It's cute. :) 
Oh, and one more thing...she gets out of her bed and comes down all by herself in the morning!!! Finally!!!

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