Saturday, October 15, 2016


I thought it might be time for a little Oscar update since every time he says something cute I'm like, "Man, I need to remember that! Maybe I should write it down!" :)

He loves his "ABC's" but to him it's "ERD" When he sees letters and wants to tell me what they are he says, "Wow, Mom! E R D!!"

"Peeew!! Deena (Jaina) stinks"

He counts to 11 on a good day but some of his numbers get mixed up.

"I love meetings, Mama."

"Tell me a story, Oscar."
"Ummm...Ruuf (Ruth) and Jesus."

"Can I help you, Mama?"

"You makin me sad, Mama."

He really, really, really wants to go to school.

"I cared (scared) mama."
He gets scared at night of anything that makes a shadow.

"Do it mineself!"

He loves to sing song with his sisters but he's always a few words behind. :)

"Oscar can you pick up your toy's please?"

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