Friday, October 14, 2016


I was surprised when Ava came home on her first day of 1st grade and told me that she had had a bad day. She came home on her second day and told me she had another bad day. She didn't like her teacher, she didn't like school and she didn't want to go. It broke my heart because this wasn't the Ava I know. The Ava I know loves school and loves to learn. Over the course of the week, I found out there are 31 kids in her class. That's a lot of kids. I also found out that she had been getting in "trouble." Trouble?! I had a minute to talk to her teacher one afternoon and I was assured that all of the kids were in the same boat....learning the rules and discipline of the classroom. 
It's been about a month now since school started and she's been having good days. Her teacher isn't quite two thumbs up but it's not because her teacher is horrible. She's actually quite good! I think it's just been an adjustment to stricter discipline which is good for Ava. I think overall, she's going to have a really good year. 
Little miss Jaina loves preschool. She has the best teacher and I love that she has this opportunity to go every morning. My hope is that this will be her last year of preschool. Kindergarten, here she comes!!! 

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