Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Just checking in to record some kid stuff :)

Oscar is saying a few more words here and there....some are recognizable and some are, well...not so much.
Whenever he cries he comes over to me and points to his eye and says, "eye", which means he wants me to wipe his tears away.
Cars say "Beep Beep!"
He says, "on, lap (ap), done (un), Tap (Bap), see (eee), No, hi, bye"
He growls...a lot. And chases his sisters.
He loves to be outside. His favorite things to do are shovel and eat snow.
We're having trouble with his sleep again. He just won't go to bed. One night we put him back to bed at least 8 times. Not sure what the deal is. Sometimes he does it in the middle of the night too. 
Cars trucks and airplanes are his obsession.

The other day, Jaina said, "Mom, did you know that sometimes alien's knees honk?"

More Jaina....

"I have magic in my brain."

"Did you know that when I was a little baby I squished some ants and there was blood all over and then I ate the ants and they cut me open to get the ants out and but then they glued me back together?"

This is how much Ava loves school. I asked her the other day if she would like to stay home for a day while her Grandma and Grandpa are here from Oregon or if she would rather go to school. She chose to go to school. Imagine that. 

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