Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Sometimes things turn out to be too good to be true. When all we hear about these days is horrible news and the evil deeds of human beings, it can be hard to see the good in humanity. 

Before you read this, ask yourself: What would you do if you found $100? 

Sunday was pay day for a little side thing I've been doing. I took the folded up bills and shoved them deep into my coat pocket. I wasn't even sure how much I had put in my pocket but I had a good idea.
Shortly after that, as we were leaving, I sprinted through the dark parking lot at the Proctor Community Center to invite some of our friends for supper. 

The next morning, I remembered the cash I had put in my pocket.
When I reached into my pocket, it was gone. 
I was sick.
Like so sick that I cried. 
I thought for sure that if it had fallen out of my pocket that it was gone forever. 
And if it had fallen out of my pocket, I was pretty sure that it had fallen out when I ran across the parking lot. 

I called my sister. 

I knew it was a long shot but I decided to call the Proctor Police Department. 

After telling the lady on the other end of the line what had happened and asking if anyone had turned in some cash, she put my on hold. A minute ticked by.

When she got back on the line she said, "Well, you can come come and pick up your money any time today! I'm looking at it right here! Someone was honest and turned it in!"

I was floored. Stunned. Ecstatic. 

When I got to the station (which happens to be connected to the community center and city hall) I signed for my money and asked who had turned it in. 

They happened to work at City Hall and the lady brought me over to thank them in person. 

They told me that they found my five, 20 dollar bills all over the parking lot. 

Loren Peterson and Tim Peterson of Proctor City Hall....Thank you is not enough. You've restored my faith in humanity. 

Now, what would you do if you found $100?

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