Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I hardly know where to begin...

Oscar cut all of his eye teeth in September and November. So glad we are done teething until it's time for 2 year molars! 

He still doesn't talk much. He says "mama" and sometime he says "no" but it sounds like "doh" and sometimes he says "more" but it sounds like "moh". He can definitely say "go!" 

Anger is an emotion that he's pretty good at. He's started yelling and growling when he's mad and he's learned how to hit. 

Sleep regression anyone? Seriously. You would think that by this age he'd be good to go but we've been having some rough nights. Sometimes he just yells in his crib and we deal with him until 10 pm. Sometimes he wake up at 2 am and he's up for hours. It's strange. 

Smoothie? You must sit on the floor and share it with him.

He had his first sleepover away from us a couple of weeks ago at Grandma and Grandpa's. 

Ok....let's be honest here. It's been two weeks since I started writing this post and Oscar is now sleeping through the night again. Must have been a growth spurt. 

If I wrote down all of the silly things that Jaina says in a day, I'd fill a book. 

"To get to Grandma's house you just turn left and then go sideways!"

She's usually up and ready every morning to walk to the bus stop with Ava. She's so anxious to go to school.

The way that she discerns which Grandma and Grandpa we are talking about is that "Grandma and Grandpa Lund are the ones with the mosquitoes" 

She's an expert at saying something and then changing her tune when you tell her no or disagree with her. 

Love's to read her Bible.


Ava loves school. It's so amazing that all of a sudden she's started reading short little sentences. 

She told one of her classmates to "Find the fun in school!"

My favorite time of day is when she gets off the bus and she runs home as fast as her little legs will carry her, her backpack bouncing behind her. 

Our biggest struggle is socks. So. Frustrating. 

"I just love going to bed because every day is new and fresh at school! It's just different and fresh every day!"

She has 48 boyfriends.

It's beyond awesome to live near Mom and Dad. Visits from Mom on her trips to Duluth....massages from Dad...Having them there for Ava's first Grandparent's Day at school....little breaks here and there when they take the kids....

I'm so thankful to be back in Minnesota. To actually be here for things that happen. Like breakfast with the Lund's during Kim's quick visit. Or a weekend at the cabin with Grandma Z. These are things that, for 9 years, I just heard about. But now, we are here. I don't ever want to take these little things for granted but to always make the most of every chance I get to do the things that we missed out on for so long. 

Now on to the weather....everyone else got snow except us. 

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