Wednesday, February 11, 2015


  • 18-24 month clothes
  • size five diapers
  • 7 teeth (four on top & three on the bottom)
Lots of changes this past month for this little guy.
See the food on his tray? Yeah. That's new. :) He prefers it over baby cereal now. Can you blame him?
He's now a Minnesotan and likes to be outside. (when it's not too cold)
He got the stomach flu for the first time and he's had a cold for weeks.
Gravity anyone? He likes the "drop everything on the floor" game. He said "uh oh" once but I can't get him to say it again.
He also likes to feed the dog from his high for me, one for you. :)
He likes to pound on things and things that make noise (especially the piano)
Chase him up the stairs and he'll giggle all the way.
Cruising around the furniture.....
Wakes up at least once a night (usually twice)

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