Sunday, July 13, 2014


  • 18.4 lbs (according to our bathroom scale)
  • size 3 diapers but not for much longer because his legs are so chubby. :)
  • 9 month clothes but not for much longer in those either...
  • still a super good baby!
  • smiley and talkative :)
  • starting to drool....all over himself and everyone else. :)
  • chews on his fingers
  • even after sleeping 9 hours straight at night, he wakes up in the morning happy, smiling and hungry! No crying for this kid! 
  • when I walk into the room and say his name, he turns his head toward me and smiles.
  • loves baths.
  • starting to grab things and if he can get it in his mouth, he does.
  • loves his blankets.
  • giggles when he's tickled.
  • already had his hair cut!

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