Saturday, July 12, 2014


"Mom, what's a throapula?" She meant uvula. 

"Ava, I'm going up to take a shower. Don't wake up Oscar."
"Ok, Mom! Thanks for the advice!"

"What ferocious human knocked these down?"

In true Olaf fashion, she sticks a crayon in her belly button and says, "Wook Mom! I paled!" (impaled)

She laughs at Daddy and says, "Haha! Funny guy!"

I asked her to pick up her crayons. She sat down, quivered her chin and forced a few tears and said, "But Mom, I sad!" (like that's going to get her out of picking up her crayons. Ha.)

"flop flop" (flip flop)

"packpack" (backpack)

"daydoo or gaydoo" (thank you)

I put the girls to bed and as I shut the door, Jaina said, 
"Mom, I tell you sumfin."
"What do you want to tell me, Jaina?"
"Um, Jesus."
"Do you love Jesus?"
"Sure! Sing Jesus."
So we sang "Tell Me the Story of Jesus"
Then she said, "I wuv God."
I'm so amazed at what children learn at such a young age.

"Hey there sporty spice!"
"I not borty bice!!!"

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