Monday, March 4, 2013


first Sunday in March
A lot has changed in the past month. The biggest change is that we moved from the house in the woods to a condo on the lake. We started moving last Monday and spent our first night here on Monday night. About 10 pm, we heard Ava crying in her bed. We went up and found that she had thrown up all over in her bed. It was awful...I felt so bad for her. It confirmed my suspicions that Jaina had had a touch of the flu the past weekend. I washed her up in the tub and made a bed on the floor for her in our room. I was up 2 more times that night with her and twice with Jaina. At one point I remember Ava and I both laying on the cold tile in the bathroom, totally exhausted. She spent the next day on the couch. :) Our first round with kids and the flu wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be. 

So far, I love our new place. Our back (or is it the front?) door is 20 feet from the lake. I see lots of fishing, swimming, walking and playing in our future. The outdoors is much more accessible here and for that I'm really excited. The community has a pool so we'll have some relief from the extreme heat and humidity this summer. The only bummer is that we don't have very good internet. Our place, along with a handful of homes next to us are the only ones in the area that can't get the fast internet from the local provider. On the bright side, maybe it will encourage less time online. :)  

We're looking forward to visits from family coming up! I'm so excited...April will be a great month. We're hoping to see Myrna and Merlin Nelson, Mom and Dad will be here for a week and Andrea needs to buy her plane ticket ASAP. Hopefully the Ross's will show up some time in June. Anyone else who wants to come and see us is more than welcome. We've got beds and lots of chairs to sit on!


After I told her "No" to kids songs in the car after meeting and that she needed to just think about what she heard, she said, "But Mom, princesses don't think!"

"Mommy, I love you"
"I love you too, Ava"
"I love you more than ice cream!"

"Ava, you need to pick up your toys."
"But it's too hard to pick up my toys. I'll get all sweaty. Queens don't get sweaty."

Ava has been a challenge lately...a joy...but also a challenge. I've probably mentioned it before but someone once told me that age 3 is much worse than the terrible two's. It's true. 

A week ago was our Special Meeting in Houston. We had the privilege of having Hannah stay with us on Saturday night. Ava was so excited to have her come and stay with us. She asked me where Hannah was going to sit at supper and I told her that she would sit in a chair. 
"No Mom, where is she going to SIT?"
Then it dawned on me and I told her that Hannah was going to sit right next to her and she grinned and jumped up and down. Later that evening I found Ava laying outside Hannah's bedroom door, peeking underneath, waiting for her to come out. I'm so thankful that she already has this little seed of love...
come and visit us

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