Thursday, November 8, 2012


  • Warm fall mornings at the park.
  • being able to go outside without melting.
  • Boots...cowgirl boots.
  • Farmer's Markets.
  • St. Ives Green Tea Face Scrub.
  • new "Clear - Total Care" shampoo and conditioner. Amazing.
  • lavender coconut oil lotion.
  • hair is growing back. :)
  • essential oils - especially grapefruit in my water.
  • lunch dates.
  • having a hubby that works from home.
  • long quiet evenings.
  • my Ninja blender.
  • favorite recipe in my Ninja blender:
      2-3 bananas
      2 cups of ice
      2 cups of almond milk
      scoop of unsweetened  cocoa powder
      dash of vanilla
      glug of honey
      spoonful of almond butter
  • green juice in the morning.
      bunch of spinach
      5 stalks of celery
      1 cucumber
      3-4 small apples
  • my new phone. :)
  • Skype....I love Skype. 
  • sisters.
  • looking forward to the holidays. 
  • 97.1 FM "Country Legends" Finally! A station that plays only old country! Enough of this country gone pop/rock garbage! :)
  • The sunshine :)
  • Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches...they even have screw-on spoons! Seriously genius. 
  • sweet tea. 

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