Friday, March 30, 2012


Where to begin....
Breaking news!!! Ava finally figured out how to spit her toothpaste in the sink!!!
I took Ava to the Dr. on Wednesday because I was starting to lay awake at night, worrying that she might have something seriously wrong with her...all the possibilites for why her legs and feet hurt flying through my head. Leukemia...JRA...Lymes Disease...dehydration...growing pains...some kind of deficiency...anemia...manipulation :)...I couldn't take it anymore.  They poked her finger and took some blood. Her platelets were in the normal range and she's not anemic. The Dr. said that when kids are growing and really active, combined with joints that overextend a little bit (I guess she thinks Ava is flexible), that kids tend to have more pain. Needless to say, it gave me peace of mind but if it continues for another few months, I'll probably take her in again. 
As of Wednesday, I was 32 weeks....only 8 weeks to go! Time is flying! At my last appt. (March 23rd) I had gained 20 lbs since the beginning. 
We got the news yesterday that the buyers of our house are purchasing the house "as is" and that our inspection passed! They also requested that we close on April 13th instead of the 24th because their rate lock expires then. So, that gives us 2 weeks from today to pack up and move to Texas!! I spent all day on the computer and phone...buying plane tickets...canceling services...changing addresses...
Donald finally comes home tomorrow! Yay! Ava has been so good this week...
you should see the rest of the house!

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