Sunday, March 11, 2012


Auntie Andrea and Emawee (Emily) spent last week with us. We had such a good time! Lot's of shopping and way too much eating. :) I think the highlight of the week was spending two days on the coast. Andrea got us a smokin' deal on a hotel room in Lincoln City. Ava went swimming for the second time in her life and loved it. I think we need to take her more often. She swallowed water a couple of times but was all ready to jump in again after a minute or two! I was a little nervous about how Ava would do sleeping with all of us in the room but she did amazing!! I was so proud of her. A year ago, she would have screamed and cried and thrown fits until she fell asleep! It was just another reminder of how fast she's growing up. This is the conversation we had right before she laid down and fell asleep. 
"Goodnight Mommy. Mommy?"
"What Ava?"
"This bed is too stinky I think."
"Goodnight, Ava."
"Goodnight, Mommy."
"Yes, Ava?"
"This bed is too soft to yay on I think."
"Goodnight, Ava."
"Goodnight, Mommy. Sleep tight."
"Sleep tight, Ava."
We spent part of Day 2 on Cape Kiwanda. It was a beautiful, sunny day and had a blast climbing the sand dune. 29 weeks pregnant and I made it to the top! Tap bounded up the dune....Ava played in the sand and did pretty good walking for most of the way...Andrea and Emily carried her (thank goodness)...I would have never made it without their help! Donald spent most of the time working in coffee shops. :) 
We made a couple of trips to the walk-in clinic for Andrea's nasty, swollen tonsils. 
We spent a couple of hours in McMinnville for lunch and strolling downtown....The girls had their first taste of kombucha! It was hilarious. I poured them each a cup and they picked out all of the chunks! True midwesterners! 
We celebrated Andrea's 22nd birthday a bit early...sushi for supper and green birthday cake for dessert. :)

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