Monday, April 3, 2017


Oscar will be three next week. He showed absolutely no signs of being ready to potty train. In fact, he was afraid to sit on the toilet. 
I just kept telling myself that boys take longer to train and they usually train late. 
A couple of weeks ago, on a whim, I told Oscar that in the morning his diapers would be too small and so we would have to pack them up and give them to Baby Finn. He was actually excited about the idea and told his sisters at supper that we were going to pack up his diapers. 
The next morning, I got a bag and started loading them up. He ran over and hugged his diapers, not wanting to let them go. 
Well, we packed them all up and I prepared for the worst. I got a stack of underwear and pants, hauled all of his toys into the kitchen, filled a jar with jelly beans and waited. I didn't let him leave the kitchen. We got comfy and just laid around playing Legos.
The first time he went in the toilet was earth shattering. I was so happy!!!! 
We haven't looked back.
He's had maybe 3 accidents and he wakes up every morning with a dry Pull-up. I'm not quite ready to trust him in undies all night but he's doing so well!!
I'm actually shocked by the fact that he potty trained almost instantly. 
I feel like it was our last big hurdle to escape life with babies. :)

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