Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Ava and I went out for breakfast last Saturday....I think she's been feeling kind of bad about having to go to school and being left out of fun things that we do during the day. Jaina is really good about filling Ava in on all the details when she gets off the bus. 
We went to the local coffee shop and had a nice quiet time together. I asked her if Kindergarten was what she had expected it to be or if it was easier or more difficult. She said, "Well, I thought we were going to read hard stories and do hard math problems." 
I asked, "So Kindergarten was easier than you expected?"
She said, "Yeah, I'm like, give me a hard one! What is this, preschool?!"

Ava learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!!! Molly has been working with her and all of a sudden she just took off!! Our first ride as a family was 3 miles in the rain and she did awesome. (The last mile was a bit hard.) "My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it's beating against a rock!!"
Jaina was in the bathtub last week and she started crying....She said, "Mom, I don't want to have a baby!"
"Your not going to have a baby, Jaina."
"But my cousins told me to kiss Hunter and I did and I don't want to have a baby!!!"
Hmmm....how do you explain that one?
Jaina told me yesterday that she didn't want to die.
"Why don't you want to die, Jaina?"
"Because I want to be with you forever!"

Oscar vocabulary is growing with leaps and bounds. I just love to listen to him talk! It's mostly 2 word phrases. Today it has been, "Grandpa. Here. Grandpa. Tractor. Me. Tractor." 
He'll usually repeat something that you ask him to say. 
His favorite song is "Old MacDonald" and his favorite color is green. Everything is green. :)

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