Thursday, August 20, 2015


There have been things swimming around in my head that I've wanted to record and now when I have a minute to sit down and do it, I can't remember anything. Isn't that just the way it goes? goes nothing. 

~Oscar has had some major sleep regression. What is up!? For months now he's been perfect. Falls asleep on his own, sleeps all night and wakes up happy. For the last couple of nights he has cried and cried and cried. He was up until 9:30 the other night, crying between the times he just sat happily in the chair with me. I know he's probably teething but seriously! 

~Speaking of teeth, he has all of his molars now.

~He taught himself how to "jump". It's so cute. 

~He knows how to throw stuff in the garbage! Change his diaper and then tell him to go throw it in the garbage and off he goes!

~Have I mentioned that he loves airplanes? No surprise there.

~He loves me. Like really really loves me. And he gets jealous and mad whenever anyone else gets too close. It's hilarious. 

~The other day, Jaina said, "Mom! You smell delicious!"

~Riding in the car: "Mom, this is a disaster!" "Why Jaina?"  "Because all of these cars!! It's a disaster!"

~She tells everyone that we meet (after she's asked them their name and introduced herself) "My bedroom is purple and our house is crumbling to the ground!"

~Why does Ava just stare blankly when someone talks to her? So frustrating. 

~3 weeks till school starts. Yikes. I'm kind of scared. 

~You don't have to be a great artist, you just need to have confidence in yourself. -Ava

~Choosing paint color is hard. Like overwhelmingly hard. 

~The dog had only one week of bandage on his leg. Relief!! 

~Donald has a new contract job besides his day job...

~I have all of these visions of what the house will look like when it's "done"....I get way too far ahead of myself. 

~I really enjoy my days "off" ...hopefully I get lot's done in the next couple of days. It's tempting just to sit and listen to the silence. 

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