Wednesday, June 3, 2015


1. What's your favorite color?
2. What's your favorite toy? Umm..a toy cwock? A toy diaper? 
3. What do you like for breakfast? Cheerios.
4. What do you like to do outside? Pway hide and seek.
5. What is your favorite animal? Ah...Ewephant.
6. What do you like to wear? Meeting cwothes.
7. Who is your best friend? Maren and Maven
8. What do you like for a snack? Rice Krispie bars. 
9. What is your favorite song? "Tell me the Story of Jesus"
10. What do you sleep with? Yogi Bear and Dotty Dots
11. What is your favorite book? "Wacky Wednesday"
12. What is your favorite ice cream? Sherbert!
13. What is your favorite vegetable? Carrots. Those are bedtime
    snacks for me and Grandma and Grandpa.
14. What is your favorite fruit? Apple.
15. Where is your favorite place to go? Texas!
16. What is your favorite thing to do? Pway. (play)
17. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
    Jaina: Umm a frisbee!
    Ava: Well do you want to be a programmer?
    Jaina: No! Frisbees don't have arms!!!
18. What is your favorite thing to eat? Candy.
19. Why do you love Mommy and Daddy? Cuz I wuv ya! 
    A yittle bit. And cuz you don't get mad.
20. What do you want for your birthday? Ursawa! (Ursula)

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