Monday, May 4, 2015


Oscar took his first unprompted and unassisted steps today! He's been terribly stubborn about the whole walking thing. He was playing with some of the girls hairbands and sitting on the step in the living room. He just stood up and took three steps! Then he did it 3 more times after that! Later this evening, he took a good 8 steps and he wasn't even holding anything. It's amazing how in just one day, something clicked. 

He can say, "Ball" 

I've been working on him to say, "mama". You can see the little wheels turning in his head as he tries to get his mouth to form the word. He says, "mmmmMA!" and is so proud of himself. :)

He knows what a doggy says...once in a while, when you ask him what a doggy says, he'll say, "rffrffrff".

He's been sleeping through the night!! Hallelujah! 
{But child! Why must you wake up at 5 am!? You know your mama is not human at 5 am!!!}

Likes to shake his head yes and no for what he does and doesn't want. 

Favorite song: Wheels on the Bus.

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