Thursday, March 12, 2015


It has been almost a month since Mamam passed away. It's hard to believe that she's gone. 
I asked Donald how he would describe his grandma and he said, "Unique...Eccentric."
I think that pretty much captures her but she was also beautiful and full of energy. She loved life and even when she was miserably sick, she was positive, happy and kind. She continued to care for others when in fact she was the one who should have been cared for. 
I think she looked forward to the end of her life. Not because she wanted to go, but because she knew that it was just a part of life and life to her was an adventure. She also knew that there was something far better waiting for her on the other side.
She had more adventure in her little toe than most people only dream of. Because of her adventurous life, I think that she was more patient than most. She accepted more than most. She put up with more than most people would. 
Her love for her family was undeniable. 
Something is missing now that she's gone.

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