Tuesday, November 11, 2014


  • 18 months clothes
  • moving into size 5 diapers
Oscar is SO close to crawling. He's a pro at going from all fours to sitting and back again. It looks like he's doing yoga all day. Downward dog is his favorite. :) 
He's really loving his mama. It's very dramatic when I leave the room....he loves to be held.
Eating 2-3 solid meals a day.
He's pretty good at putting himself to sleep. As long as he's fed and dry there's hardly a fuss. Makes my life easier. :) It seems like the whole sleeping routine gets easier with each baby. 
Two good naps a day.
Nights are still a bit rough but it could be worse. Goes to bed about 9 or ten. He's up 2-3 times every night between 1 and 5 am. 
Scares easily. Vacuum cleaners, running bath water, blenders....
Still giggly and happy almost all of the time.
Latest chatter: "dadadadadada"
Two little teeth on the bottom.
Bounces to music. :)
Difficult to photograph because he's constantly moving :)

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