Thursday, October 16, 2014


LaRae came to see us! She brought the girls HUGE unicorns in her suitcase. She sure knew how to win them over! 
We decided to change things up a bit this year and go to Texarkana Convention. It was wonderful. We thought we would stay in a tent so that Donald could help me with the kids. We got there and started setting up and couldn't find the rain fly! Donald took the tent down and I was helping him pack it up....I looked in the car and there was the rain fly. Donald said that it was a sign and that he was done with tents. We packed it up and returned it. I ended up staying with LaRae and the kids in the nursery. It was a good thing. We had air conditioning and a roof over our heads when it poured on Friday night! It was Oscar's first convention. 
A thought from convention: "Little things don't stay little."
Oscar turned 6 months.
Ava made fast friends.
Jaina loved the swings.
We drove out of our way to Arkansas just to say we'd been there. :)

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