Sunday, June 1, 2014


Dear Jaina,
You turned 2 years old today. Where has the time gone? 
One of my favorite times with you is when you wake up early and run into our room. Your little eyes peek over the bed and you whisper "Up!". You crawl up, lay on my pillow and snuggle under the covers. Sometimes we whisper, sometimes I rub your back and sometimes we just lay there quietly....until you say, "Mama, cereal." 
I love when you tuck yourself under my arm when we read a book together...Or how you love to help me in the kitchen. "Counter phease?" 
You like to get ready with me in the bathroom...brush your teeth...comb your hair...
You like to do big girl stuff like your sissy. You both race to let the dog out or wash the windows with Daddy. 
You've started singing and I absolutely love it. Your latest song is, "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!" It's so cute when you sing with Ava.
You've got spunk and a stubborn streak a mile wide. I rarely trust you to be alone a room for fear of what you'll get into. There are days (most of them lately) that you test my every nerve and every bit of patience but at the end of the day, I still love you and you're still my little girl. The silver lining is that you're very sensitive to discipline. One tiny little tap on your bum and you melt into tears.
You love to go to town! Every day you ask me, "Mama car?" 
I'm wondering what happened to my awesome eater?!? You're getting more and more picky about what you like and there are lot's of things that you won't even put in your mouth. If you do, you spit it out and say, "Yucky!"
You really love to ride on the boat and you really don't like to have your picture taken!
We have been talking about your birthday for a couple of weeks now...Ava was so excited for your birthday and for you to turn two! I tucked you into bed one night and whispered, "What do you want for your birthday?" 
You whispered back with a huge smile, "Party!"
"What else do you want for your birthday?"
"Bish!" (fish)
So, we had a party and a fish cake. You loved every minute of it. From the pinata to the cake to the presents. 

You can pretty much carry on a conversation now...I can't record everything you say but these are a few of my favorites. "Walk? Walk! Me Me!!"
"No bed! Cared (scared) me!"
"Baby done eat? Baby eat again?"
"Yeah sure!"
"Watch me, mama! Aaahhhhh!"
"Wook me, mama! Aaahhhh!"
"I doodit!" 
"I gotit, I gotit!"
"Odder Dean."
"Sorry, Mom."
"Careful, Mom."  
"Sissy naughty naughty!!"
"Ah yah I know..."
"Yeah sure, I want to!"
"June bug come again. Care me!"
"Why? Why? Why?"
"Share! Sissy share!!"
"Nakin phease. Thank you much." (Napkin please)
"Wuv Mama" (Love Mama)
"I can't! Enty more! (any more)
"I fine!"
"Yeah! I wuv it!!"
"Fine mama!!" (little attitude with this one)

You're growing like a weed! 

  • 30 lbs (85%)
  • 36 inches (95%)
  • head - 19.75 inches (96%)
  • 3T - 4T clothes
  • size 6 diapers (soon to be underwear I hope)
  • size 8 shoes
I'm so thankful for every day that I have with you. Daddy and I love you so very, very much. Happy Birthday, sweetie. 

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