Monday, May 12, 2014


...I watch our kids grow up and experience life. What a privilege to guide these little people through their first years. 
It seems like there has been so much going on lately! A week ago, we spent the day in Houston and went to the aquarium, the Water Wall and Ikea. It was a big day. 
This past weekend, Ava spent her first weekend at a friends house. She had so much fun and we enjoyed the peace and quiet! She sure is growing up.
Thanks to Mom's initiative, we're now brewing our own kombucha! Can't wait to try our first batch this next week! 
Jaina says more than I can even record now. It's awesome. "June bug come here again. Me scared." She loves boats, fish, going in the car, singing songs with mommy, bubble baths....She also got her first 2 year molar last month. 
Ava starts swimming lessons tomorrow...I wonder how it will go? 
Today is my only free day this wonder I'm still in my jammies....
We're trying something new in this house....We're doing the 30 day smoothie challenge for breakfast every morning (and lunch if there's extra) and the Dinner Decider app is my new best friend. 
Both of us are feeling a little "ugh" so I'm hoping that this will help. This morning's smoothie was pineapple, lettuce, cilantro, lime and coconut water. Meal planning has been a long time coming around here...I love the Dinner Decider because it gives 5 recipes for the week and they actually look quite good! It makes shopping for groceries easy and takes the stress out of "what's for dinner?" I think it'll save us some grocery $$ too which is always a good thing. :)
Warmer weather is upon us...

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