Saturday, November 2, 2013


I took Ava Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. She loved it. We did just over a mile loop...I pushed Jaina in the stroller and Ava walked beside us. I kept asking her if she would like to ride but she refused. She was such a trooper. Her bravery surprised me...walking up to the big houses all by herself, knocking on the door...She looked so small. 
After we had gone to a few houses she said, "But Mom!! I don't have very much candy!!!" Thinking that she was just being selfish, I told her that she had plenty of candy but she said, "No! I don't have enough because I want to share with everybody!!"
For some reason, she's afraid of pumpkins. There were a couple on a porch and it took her forever to get by them. When she finally worked up the courage to walk to the door she said, "Whew!" and breathed a sigh. :) 
Toward the end she got tired and finally hopped in the stroller...that bucket got heavy! 

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