Monday, July 29, 2013


Jaina has been keeping us entertained lately. Her sly little grin...the mischievous look in her eye... 
Here's a little Jaina update....little things I want to remember.
She used a fork for the first time the other day and nailed it. 
For "yes" she says, "ah huh" and nods her head once.
When you ask her if she wants to go night night she says, "ah huh" and heads for the stairs. 
When you ask her if she wants to go outside she says, "ah huh" and heads for the door.
She loves Daddy's airplanes.
She points to the sky when she sees a bird. 
A couple of times now, she's brought me both of my shoes and then pointed to my keys hanging on the hook.
When I get her a yogurt out of the fridge she goes to the silverware drawer and tries to open it. 
She likes to do laundry and empty the dishwasher.
She loves kitties and doggies.
Kitchen drawer open? She pushes it closed.
Ask her to put something away and if she can, she will.
She likes to drape things around her Daddy's belt or my tape measure.
She likes to twirl around and walk backwards until she runs into something.
She's stubborn. I know that she can say and do certain things but will she do them when you ask? No way. 
She just cut her first molar. Boy, was that an event! (top left)
Why is it so cute when toddlers dance?!
Still takes two good naps a day and sleeps about 11-12 hours straight at night. 
I love this blurry picture because is classic Jaina. Wonky pigtails, one shoe, sissy's ballerina leg warmers, pushing a stroller with a badminton racket.

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