Friday, September 21, 2012


A couple of weeks ago (September 4th) Ava had her first emergency room visit. We had just picked up Uncle Lyle from the airport in Houston and we were relaxing and enjoying our first evening with him. Ava ran into the bedroom and told me that she had to go to the bathroom...she went...and then started crying and screaming on the toilet. I went in to help her and she wouldn't stop crying. I picked her up and held her...still crying, thrashing and grabbing at her belly button. We tried a couple of things to calm her down..laying in bed...a warm bath...Finally, we decided to take her in. We took her to a 24 hour emergency center but after an hour, she was still thrashing and crying. They gave her Tylenol, told us that they thought she had a twisted bowel and sent us to St. Luke's Emergency in The Woodlands. By the time we got there (8:30pm) she had calmed down 100%. We thought it was probably because of the Tylenol and waited until 11:30 to get in to see the Dr. The Dr. poked around, tapped on her tummy and told us that she just had a big gas bubble. Ava said, "A bubble? What's a bubble?" Silly the Dr. left and came back with a bottle of bubbles. Now that's service. :) She hasn't complained of a tummy ache since...that will be one expensive gas bubble! 

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