Monday, July 16, 2012


Ava and I were painting this morning....
"Mom, can you paint a cow?"
"Oh, I don't know how to paint a cow."
"Yeah, you just do eyes and milking things."
"Milking things?"
"Yeah, you just do it like this (starts "milking" a cow with her hands). You just squeeze them like this and pull it and get milk in the bucket and you just do it like this." 

(Thank you cow milking app for teaching my daughter how to milk a cow.)
Donald: "Hey, next time you see the plumber out plumbing, can you stop and see if he'll mow our lawn?"
Jenny: "Yes dear..."

Translation: We need some lawn maintenance.
Ava has imaginary friends. If you see her walking around with her arms away from her body and her hands in tight little fists...she's holding hands and having chats with Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue 

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