Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am 38 weeks today. 2 weeks to go! Feeling good! (except for some major swelling of the feet but that's to be expected :) ) I pre-registered at the hospital today and started packing my bag! Dr. appt tomorrow...I hope he has good news! Need to find a pediatrician too.
Mom flies in on the 23rd...2 weeks from today! 
I finally got my "mom wheels." I love it. So easy to get Ava in and out! 
I have no idea where she learned it but Ava has taken to shaking her bum and saying, "take a, take a ride!" hmmm...
Ava has also started to take herself to the bathroom! Big girl!! 
I checked out the Conroe Rec/Aquatic Center today. Can't wait to take Ava and cool off this summer!
We still don't have a refrigerator...

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