Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ava's legs still hurt. Mostly at night and in the very early morning...she wakes up and says that her legs hurt. I'm trying not to be too concerned about it. I hope it's just growing pains. She complains that her legs and feet hurt when she's sitting in her carseat too. Who knows....maybe she just likes to be rubbed! 
Taking Ava out in public is interesting....She has no fear of strangers (is that good or bad?) and asks random people, "My name is Ava! What's your name?" She also loves to tell people, "I'm three in July!" and "I'm gonna have a yittle baby sister!"
The other day she was taking a bath and rubbing her legs with the scrubby thing....I asked her what she was doing. "Shaving my yegs!"  
Somewhere between 6 months pregnant and now, I started having some pains. Nowhere near as bad as I had with Ava though....only 3 months left! The baby has been jumping and rolling around like crazy the past 2 days.

I was remembering the days when Ava was just learning to talk...running around outside watching Daddy fly his airplane. She'd say, "ah, ah, barepane!!!" 

The daffodils are up about 10 inches....Ready for summer!

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