Monday, December 26, 2011


We had an unexpected visit today from Grandma and Grandpa Waldo! They came about lunchtime so we had pita bread pizzas...Donald took his dad out to fly for a bit and then we headed to town. We visited Fern and then went to Grocery Outlet...the store where you spend way to much money on food that you wouldn't normally buy! Grandma and Grandpa had fun picking out candy and goodies with Ava :) Donald, Ava and I went to Newberg after they left to find some new glasses for me (cuz Ava broke my other ones) grrr..... By the time we got home, it was too late for Ava to get a nap...she fell asleep on my lap at 7! I quietly took her upstairs and she was fast asleep until I walked out of the room. :( Now it's almost 7:30 and she's up there singing away and quacking like a duck! How does she go from sound asleep to wide awake like that?!? Hopefully she'll fall asleep and not wake up till morning. Ha. 

It's 10 minutes to 10 pm and Ava is still awake...

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