Wednesday, August 5, 2015


On Sunday morning, we woke up to find Tap limping around. We didn't think much of it but on Monday morning, he was limping much worse. I took him to the vet and they didn't find anything but a glob of sap and hair on his paw. They cut it out, trimmed his nails and $80 later, sent us home. 

Yesterday, he was limping much worse and by this morning, I hadn't seen him eat in over 24 hours. He wasn't putting any weight on his foot and he cried if you touched his leg. 
I brought him back in this morning and when they weighed him, he had gone from 7.9 lbs to 7.2 in two days. That's not very much but when you don't have much to lose, it's not good. 
They decided to do an x-ray and the Dr. found a "R front metacarpal #5 greenstick fracture to metaphysis directly distal (just below) carpus."  Basically it's a fracture in one of the bones just below his "wrist" joint. 
She is sending the x-rays out just to be sure but when pressure was applied where she found what looked like the break, he cried. 
She splinted and bandaged his leg and we have to go back every week for 6 weeks to get the bandages changed and his leg examined. It also cannot get wet so I have to put a plastic thing on his foot every time he goes outside. I'm not looking forward to this at all. Especially the cost!!! Yikes!! Good thing we worked out a budget! Too bad it didn't include broken dog legs! 
He's so awkward walking around on three legs and one big ol' bandage! He fell over when she first put him down on the ground. Poor little guy. 
The funny thing is that we don't know how it happened! What a bummer...

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