Saturday, September 27, 2014


Ava teaches Jaina little things all day long and Jaina helps her to be brave. 
Who would have guessed that Jaina would help Ava to overcome her fear of water on her face by dumping water on head in the bathtub? 
Jaina wants to be like Ava and so she ordered a cheeseburger too... Now she eats meat. For the first time in her life she ate chicken and liked it. 
It's proof...they need each other. 
I hope they help each other all throughout their lives. 

Friday, September 26, 2014


Grandma Lund was rubbing Ava's back...
"Don't rub....massage!"

"Oh I just love the smell of my boots! They smell cowboyish!"

"Ava, don't touch Jaina."
"But I can't help myself! She's just so cute!"

Jaina has a mind all her own.... "Jaina, don't touch my camera"
"I will."
"No, don't touch it...that's naughty"
"Don't talk at me."

"She's berry fitty!" (very pretty)

"Spit it out. What's your best day ever?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


He took a long afternoon nap and woke up burning hot. 102 degrees. He was fussy and fell asleep early. For the first time in over a month he slept through the night. A few times I woke with a start and jumped out of bed to check his feet. I can always feel the fever in his feet. Sometime in the early morning, his fever broke. Relief. He woke up happy and ate his fill. Fifteen minutes later he threw up all over the bed. He's happy but not quite himself. There are a lot of things I'll miss about having babies but I will not miss this. 
p.s. I love his knuckle dimples. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It was so good to have Uncle Lyle here for a week. The girls love their Uncle and they were sad to see him go. Jaina had a little bit of trouble figuring out exactly who he was. First he was "Rampa", then he was "Uncle Rampa" but eventually she figured it out. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2014


  • long :)
  • heavy :)
  • 12 month clothes
  • size 4 diapers
Oscar has found his voice. It's loud and I think he likes the sound of it. :)
The nights full of sleep seem to be over for now. The last month hasn't been so great. I think it's a combination of hunger, tummy aches and rolling onto his back and waking himself up. 
He pushes himself up with his arms and somehow makes his way around the floor. He doesn't go far but it's something. 
This kid is social. He has a ready smile for whoever will say hi. 
He eats solids like a champ but I've noticed that he has a bit of a tummy ache afterwards...especially at night. 
Doesn't put himself to sleep yet but he falls asleep quickly when nursed or rocked.
Had his first vacation up to MN. He actually did really well spending three straight days in the car both there and back.
Loves, loves, loves his sisters. He's especially taken by Ava's singing. 
Likes peek-a-boo and airplane rides.
For the most part, he's still a content, happy baby. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's hard to believe that eight years ago today, we were standing by the lake, starting our life together. It was a good day. The funny thing is, that through all the ups and downs in life, the sad times and the happy, the good times and the bad, it just keeps getting better. It's exciting to think of what life with bring us and where we'll be in another eight years. For example, our oldest daughter will be thirteen....a teenager....I never imagined. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Oscar had his first solid meal tonight - rice cereal and sweet potatoes. He scarfed down over 3 tablespoons and ate as though he had been eating all his life. :) 
For the past couple of weeks he's been up every couple of hours at night...I think he's been hungry. I hope some good food in his belly will help him sleep better! 


Donald and Lyle took the girls to visit friends for the weekend. Oscar and I have a few days alone. This morning, he slept for a couple of hours. I sat on the floor and worked on projects that I had been wanting to get done for a long time. I did the laundry. I cleaned the kitchen. It was so quiet. 
I had an instant flash of what I imagine my future days to be...
Days when the kids are in school, Donald's at work and it's just me and the dog - If the dog is still around. 
I love my days my days of noise, chaos and kids but I have to say....I'm kind of looking forward to the future.


After a few days on the road, we took the girls to the Mall of America. It was awesome to do something like that as a family. I loved watching the girls take it all in. 
We got to Mom and Dad's and it felt like we couldn't get outside fast enough. The air was cool and fresh. We hopped on the four wheeler and went back to the cabin. We pulled the paddle boat out onto the water. There wasn't a breeze and the water was calm. We felt the cares of life just slip away. We decided then and there that we need more of that in life. We've set goals to make that happen. A slow, simple, quiet life does wonders for the heart. 
 On Saturday, we went to the Zeleznikar family reunion up at Grandma's cabin. More fresh air. More family. More quiet. Oscar met Great Grandma Z. It was love at first sight. :)
 On Sunday we had lunch with Uncle Eric, Uncle John, Victoria and Grandma Lund at Mom and Dad's.
Monday was my 31st birthday. Mom and Dad took care of the girls for the evening while Donald, Oscar and I went out for supper in Duluth. We ate outside and indulged in ice cream while looking over the board walk and Lake Superior. It was perfect.

The girls loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. They caught a couple of fish and played with lily pad slime. :)
 On Tuesday we went with Mom to the Great Lakes Aquarium and Canal Park. The girls fed the sea gulls and we strolled down the pier. 
That night, we roasted hot dogs with Jordan and Jill. There's just something about a campfire....
This picture is more than just a gluten free muffin and chai tea latte. It's a few quiet minutes alone after a birthday massage. It's sitting in the coffee shop and getting to know the locals. It's a small town. It's home.
We met Dad for lunch on Thursday at the Lazy Bear. A trip is not complete without a visit to see Big Louie.
 Thursday night, we went to Wisconsin Point and roasted more hot dogs. It was good to see old friends and the kids played as though they had never been apart.

On Friday, we went to see Grandma Lund at her new place. It was special to see her hold Oscar...I think Grandpa would have liked to hold him too.
 It's always good to see family. Five little Waldos sitting on a couch...
 On Saturday morning we packed up and had a farewell breakfast at the Lazy Moose with Mom and Dad, John and Victoria and Victoria's brother.
Goodbyes are so hard. We had a wonderful week at home. 


This kid had been rolling from his tummy to his back since August 14th. Three weeks ago...just after 4 months old. The funny thing is that I have yet to see it happen! He does it every time he wakes up....

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


How is it that she can be so sweet and such a stinker at the same time! She fights..she screams...she's stubborn...she has the best selective hearing. She crawls into my lap and says, "Mom, I want you. Hold me."

"Ganks Mom, you're the best girl ever!"

"Don't be a brat Mom, I want a whole bunch of tia!" (tortilla)

"ninety, twelve, fourteen, NINETY!!!"

"Time to pick up your toys!"
"Aw come on Mom!"

To every random person...
"Hi! What your name?"
"Miss Kelly. What's your name?"
"Um Jaina and Ava and Odder and Mama and Daddy and Tap."

"I just like Ava."

"Do you want salad or macaroni for lunch?"
"Ummm ice feem."
"No sweetie, salad or macaroni?"
"Ice feem."
(she knows what she wants)